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Stability and comfort in two colours

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The Artivelo BikeDock has always come with a leather cushion, which supports your race bike when it is hung up. The leather cushion not only gives your race bike a stable hanging position, but also a stylish look. The BikeDocks came with a black leather cushion or a brown one. But that has now changed.

The leather cushion with mouldable foam

The leather cushion is made of natural leather and the filling consists of sustainable mouldable foam. The foam assumes the shape of the bike’s top tube. So every time you hang your bike in the BikeDock, the cushion will copy the shape of the top tube and ensure perfect balance and stability. The cushion will also assume the shape of other top tubes when different bikes are hung in the BikeDock.

The combination of leather and sustainable mouldable foam helps to give the cushion a very long life-span. The leather consists of three parts, which have been sewn together with great care. Both the brown and black cushions have silver-grey stitching, which ensures durability and a fantastic look. The leather not only helps to improve aesthetic appeal and quality, but also makes sure that your race bike will never slip off the BikeDock.

Brown or Black?

The choice of colours is a new feature when buying a leather cushion. Whereas the BikeDock previously came with a leather cushion in a standard colour, we have now decided to give people the option of selecting the colour of their cushion.

You can now choose between a brown or black cushion. And for the vegans amongst us, the cushion is available in black or brown vegan leather.

Which colour will you choose?

long cycling socks


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Fausto Coppi had no other choice than to wear white cycling socks. Plain. Probably ‘Merino’ wool, with a fit that was barely worthy of the name. In almost all of Coppi’s photos, you only see baggy, shapeless white things at the bottom of his ankles. Slightly more comfortable than wearing no socks at all. They were probably only intended to avoid blisters and collect sweat that dripped from his legs, so it would not make its way into his shoes. To be fair, that was 70 or 80 years ago.

Early in his carrier, seemingly because he had nothing else, Lance Armstrong was teased for his long, black basketball socks, which were way too long. Later, he combined them with black cycling shoes and created a personal trademark. It appears Bradley Wiggins was paying close attention, because he did the same many years later.

Cycling socks today

In the last few years, socks have quickly become very important in cycling. Production and knitting techniques have changed completely, and many high-tech yarns have become available. Socks now have a different anatomical fit and feature various zones that are able to quickly dispose of sweat. They ensure extra absorption, cooling or warmth and, thanks to silver ions, are anti-bacterial and have various compression zones.

Compression socks are a technological tours de force. If they fit well, they can help – or, more precisely, support – your performances. During physical exercise, blood flows through muscles in your lower legs and back to the heart, swapping waste products for oxygen-rich blood as it travels. Compression socks support this process, because wearing cycling socks makes it easier for your body to dispose of waste products. This means fewer waste products – acidosis – in your lower legs, thus allowing your muscles to operate more effectively.  The compression principle also serves a purpose after physical exercise, namely during the recovery process. And it also helps to fight muscle pain.

Compression socks have long since been banned for professional cyclists during races, which is rather surprising. If every professional cyclist can wear them, then surely any individual advantage would be lost? In the meantime, the same – sometimes unfathomable – watchdog for professional cyclists, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), has also said that cycling socks worn by professional cyclists cannot be higher than half-way between the ankle and knee.

The sky is the limit

But what about amateur cyclists? The sky is the limit. Anything is possible. There are countless – often small and specialised – companies which produce cycling socks. Because these days, (almost) anything is permitted. Complete photo prints, incredibly bright colours, reflective features and even text, like the famous ‘HELL YEAH’, divided between the left and right sock. And sock heights range from the ankle to just below the knee and high white socks without a logo such as Mathieu van der Poel. So there is something for everyone, particularly when you’ve mastered grooming.

Grooming: How well do you groom before getting on your race bike? 

Artivelo cycling socks

Thanks to the very latest techniques, Artivelo cycling socks are among the best socks on the market. Available in orange, black, pink and yellow. Oh, and – thankfully – they are also available in white.

Text: Chucknance

bianchi race bike

A beautiful way to store your Bianchi racing bike

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‘Celeste’. The colour of legends and dreams.

Celeste is Bianchi, Bianchi is Celeste. It is the instantly recognisable colour, which is inherently associated with this huge Italian cycling brand. Passion, history and speed. Fausto Coppi. Heroic victories in all the major cycling classics. Since time immemorial.

There are so many anecdotes and stories about why this shade of blue was used that, in all honesty, not even Bianchi knows for sure. Was it the bright blue sky above the Bianchi factory in Milan? Did it match the mesmerising eyes of Regina Margherita, the Italian Princess from the House of Savoy, when founder Edoardo Bianchi gave her a bike and taught her to cycle almost a hundred years ago? Your Bianchi race bike can now be hung in style thanks to a beautifully designed bike dock in this fantastic sky blue colour of Bianchi.

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Celestial for your Bianchi race bike

The most pragmatic and obvious explanation is that Edoardo Bianchi managed to obtain a large amount of military paint, which ranged from light blue to mouse grey, and mixed it to create the famous Celeste colour. The name ‘Celeste’ originates from the Latin ‘Caelestis’ and means ‘Celestial’.


bianchi color hanging system

The Celeste Bianchis of Team Jumbo-Visma, and its forbearer Team Lotto-Jumbo, have certainly been making waves in the professional peloton. It all started in the Giro of 2016 when, up until stage 19, Steven Kruijswijk gave us hope of a Dutch victory in a major tour.

This was a defining moment. Every cycling enthusiast was filled with new-found optimism. ‘A Dutch team had, after years of minor successes, finally competed for a major tour victory. It was no longer impossible’.

2019 has already broken all records

The first yellow jersey in this year’s Tour de France was for Mike Teunissen. Then Kruijswijk battled his way to third place in the general classification – after a convincing victory in the team time trial – and claimed a spot on the Tour podium.

This was followed by Primoz Roglic, who managed to win the UAE Tour, the Tirreno-Adriatico and the Tour de Romandie for Jumbo-Visma. He was then third in the Giro and went on to win the Vuelta!

But there was also Dylan Groenewegen, who has already crowned himself the peloton’s sprint champion with 14 victories, Jos van Emden, Wout van Aert, Tony Martin, Robert Gesink, Laurens de Plus, Sepp Kuss and George Bennett. Each cyclist has a burgeoning reputation and some fantastic
performances to match. There have been 46 victories thus far in 2019,
which is an absolute record! And the season has not yet finished.

2020 with three leaders

suspension system bianchi racing bike

Now that Tom Dumoulin has decided to switch from Sunweb to Jumbo-Visma, there could be three leaders in the team next year – Roglic, Kruijswijk and Dumoulin. They will be assisted by a number of world class helpers. But it remains to be seen exactly how this will pan out. Everyone is now sitting up and taking notice of Jumbo-Visma, even the once seemingly invincible Ineos, and this is almost as exciting as the Celeste blue that is so synonymous with Bianchi.

Bianchi bike storage

The Artivelo BikeDock is temporarily available in this unique Celeste colour. This hanging system is more than just a storage solution for your Bianchi race bike;

Adjust, Customize & Personalize!

Cycling socks

Besides unique, designer hanging systems, we also sell cycling socks.

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Photo: Chucknance

Grooming for cyclists: Cyclist shaves his legs with shaving foam

Grooming: Which cyclist are you on the road bike?

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Grooming for cyclists

Anyone with a slight interest in cycling will have at least heard of it. And it will be second nature for die- hard cyclists. ‘Grooming’. The Cambridge English Dictionary defines it as ‘things that you do to make your appearance neat and clean’.

But what does it mean in reality? That’s simple; everything that makes you look good and presentable when you are on your road bike. So besides a shiny and well maintained bike, it also means paying attention to other things. For example, your cycling kit, helmet, sunglasses, cycling shoes, cycling socks and the age-old cycling debate about whether or not your legs should be shaved as smoothly as the sides of your 25 mm gumwall tyres?

As far as we are concerned, the choice is – of course – all yours. If you can deal with the slight embarrassment and weird looks, then it feels much better to have shaved legs, certainly when you’re being massaged or when you’ve unexpectedly taken a tumble.

Why the embarrassment? Because of the strange, puzzled looks you get when you walk around in shorts, or when your partner starts complaining about prickly your legs when you are in bed.

Grooming for cyclists: cyclist shaves his legs without shaving foam

Shaving your legs can be a doddle if you make it part of your daily shower ritual. One leg at a time, muscles tensed and skin taut, and preferably with shaving foam, a very sharp razor and a slow and secure shaving movement from the ankle up, against the grain of your hair.

Depending on how hairy your legs are, the first shave will be the most challenging. After that, it is
quick and easy to keep your legs nice and smooth; it will take maximum one minute each time. Once you have showered and dried yourself, moisturise your legs with oil or lotion; something greasy that is quickly absorbed by the skin. This will prevent your smooth, well-groomed legs from looking dry and sore.

We at Artivelo are curious. Which cyclist are you on the road bike?

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Photo: Stephan Tellier Photography

bike wall bracket

Artivelo BikeDock Loft Red Copper: The best bike wall mount

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Artivelo BikeDock Loft Red Copper

The best bike wall mount in 2018. What a memorable Artivelo year! More and more bikes are carefully stored and perfectly organized in our BikeDock Loft or BikeDock Urban.

Pre-order before March 15.

To celebrate 2018 and kickstart 2019 we bring you the BikeDock Loft in a special, limited edition. Powder coated in red copper! Only 50 pieces worldwide, available in our Artivelo webshop. Pre-order before the first of March. Delivery in the beginning of april.

Zoombike designed by Richard Sapper

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Richard Sapper’s design ‘the Zoombike’ for Elettromontaggi.

The Zoombike by Richard Sapper was conceived as a vehicle with the same geometric proportions of a normal bicycle. These are able to fold easily, quickly and fold out like an umbrella through a press-button system. This grants optimal convenience for urban transportation, whether on the road, in a metro, tram or bus, in the trunk of a car, or in other confined spaces such as elevators. You can store the zoombike in almost any wardrobe or cabinet or you can even hang it on a coat hook in a small apartment. The bike is made of aluminum, has three gears and weighs only 10 kilograms. A lighter magnesium version is being developed.

The disc wheels allow very low air resistance, resulting in excellent mechanical efficiency. Despite the smaller diameter of the wheels, the gear ratios are almost the same as those of a normal road bike.
Because the design is based on aircraft technology, instead of traditional bicycle mechanics, these characteristics can be achieved.

Richard Sapper

One of the most successful designers in the world is undoubtedly Richard Sapper. Richard sapper has a big influence on Italian design in recent years. Sappers products are accurate, functional, innovative and very complex. One of his main characteristics is “giving meaning to form”, a goal that he often achieves with overwhelming success. According to Ettore Sottsass, Sapper has never produced a bad design.

Source: richardsapper.com

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