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bike wall mount horizontal

Your road bike horizontal on the wall

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You do a lot of kilometres every week. Alone or with your cycling buddies. Perhaps you even race in a peloton. Either way, you cannot manage without your bike. Cycling is a necessity and passion for you. It takes you to some beautiful places, gives you an unbelievable sense of freedom, and keeps you fit. Bike racing is a way of life.

Cycling as a lifestyle

Your road bike is an essential part of your life. Cycling is a lifestyle for you. Your race bike is your pride and joy. You want to show it off; you want it close by; and you want to enjoy it. You want to store it off the floor, and definitely don’t want it standing against the wall. You don’t want to leave it alone in the garage. But want in the entrance hall of your home, in the office, paincave or in your living room. The Artivelo BikeDock is compatible with all types of interiors and gives your bike a stylish and stable place on any type of wall. Your most prized possession as a work of art anywhere in your home.

“The Artivelo BikeDock is truly different”

Bike wall mount horizontal

The accompanying mounting fixtures make it possible to quickly and safely hang the BikeDock on your wall.
The accompanying leather cushion is filled with durable foam and truly distinguishes the BikeDock from other hanging systems. The cushion will mould itself around your frame, each and every time. Because the frame rests on the cushion, your road bike or gravel bike will always be horizontal and stable. This is what makes the Artivelo BikeDock so unique. Whether the frame of your bike is made of steel or carbon; and whether it is large, small, oversized or sloping – it makes no difference. Every bike deserves an Artivelo BikeDock. Show who you truly are with this hanging system for any type of race bike.

Hanging system for any type of race bike

Your race bike, which is your pride and joy, will always be stable and horizontal in the Artivelo BikeDock. The cushion gives your race bike a comfortable and stable place to rest, because the BikeDock’s solid-foam filling moulds itself around any type of frame. Every time you hang your bike, the foam will adapt to the type of frame that it detects. Whether you’ve got a time trial bike, cyclo-cross bike, endurance bike, mountain bike, sports bike, fat bike, gravel bike, aero race bike or a performance and endurance race bike, the hanging system is compatible with all bikes under 15kg. You can hang your race bike in two styles – the Urban and the Loft. What is the difference? 


Tour de France competition: win an Loft BikeDock Polka Dot LTD Edition

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The polka dot jersey, or the ‘king of the mountains’ jersey, is perhaps the most attractive of all leaders’ jerseys in the Tour de France. Cycling legends like Van Impe, Rooks, Theunisse, Chiappucci and Virenque have all won the polka dot jersey in the past. This now iconic symbol was introduced in 1975 by the then Tour director, Félix Lévitan, to pay homage to French track cyclist Henri Lemoine, who always wore a red-dotted jersey in the ‘20s and ‘30s. And since then, the ‘king of the mountains’ jersey has become an integral part of the Tour de France.

Because the polka dot pattern will always be associated with the Tour de France, we thought it would be a good idea to create a special version of the Urban BikeDock to commemorate the world’s biggest cycling event: a Polka Dot LTD Edition. And we will be giving it away during this year’s Tour de France!

How can I participate?

Enter your details below and tell us who will be wearing the polka dot jersey on the first resst day of the Tour de France. We’ll publish a new contest on the first and second rest day.

All-rounder Tadej Pogacar (who actually won all three classifications) won last year’s mountains classification and could thus also win it this year. Together with his Slovenian compatriot Primoz Roglic, he is one of the main favourites again this year. Although both men will be mainly competing for the general classification, it remains to be seen whether another talented climber will want to become the ‘king of the mountains’ and be able to amass enough points while the main protagonists fight it out for the yellow jersey.

A dark horse among the favourites for this year’s polka dot jersey is Bauke Mollema. We look forward to seeing your entries. In your opinion, who will be wearing the polka dot jersey in Paris?

Who will be wearing the polka dot jersey on the first rest day?

difference urban loft

What’s the Difference

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We have known about the Artivelo BikeDock for a few years: a metal wall bracket that allows you to give your race bike a nice place in your home. This Dutch product is so successful because of its design and special looks.

When you want to go cycling, you want all your equipment – like your helmet, sunglasses, shoes and computer – close to hand so you do not have to search for it. The BikeDock is an innovative and stylish object because it is able to combine stylish presentation with effective storage. That is why it has become so popular among professional and recreational cyclists throughout the world. It features four screw positions for solid wall attachment, is made using three-millimetre sheet metal, features hard powder-coating and is effectively packaged. Artivelo has developed two versions so you can store more accessories together with your race bike. Like many people before you, which one will you choose?

Stylish in Urban or Loft?

difference urban loft

The stylish URBAN is 28.5 centimetres wide, which means it is ideal for all spaces, and features two hooks and a shelf for hanging your accessories. The Urban is available in aluminium grey and matt black. The leather (foam) cushion that supports your bike is available in black or brown.

In contrast, the LOFT is 45 centimetres wide, has three hanging hooks and two shelves, which offers more storage space and enables more flexible use. Besides aluminium grey and matt black, the Loft is also available in trendy colours like yellow, pink, celeste (green-blue) and copper. The leather (foam) cushion is available in black or brown.

storage suspension system racing bike

However, a ‘vegan’ cushion is also available as an option, for people who want to completely avoid animal products. The Loft is available in any colour if at least 5 units are purchased. And if you want to ‘pimp’ your BikeDock, it is also possible to have it wrapped in various cool designs.

The Loft and Urban BikeDocks are available via dealers or online and can be shipped worldwide.

bike storage
bike storage

Stability and comfort in two colours

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The Artivelo BikeDock has always come with a leather cushion, which supports your race bike when it is hung up. The leather cushion not only gives your race bike a stable hanging position, but also a stylish look. The BikeDocks came with a black leather cushion or a brown one. But that has now changed.

The leather cushion with mouldable foam

The leather cushion is made of natural leather and the filling consists of sustainable mouldable foam. The foam assumes the shape of the bike’s top tube. So every time you hang your bike in the BikeDock, the cushion will copy the shape of the top tube and ensure perfect balance and stability. The cushion will also assume the shape of other top tubes when different bikes are hung in the BikeDock.

The combination of leather and sustainable mouldable foam helps to give the cushion a very long life-span. The leather consists of three parts, which have been sewn together with great care. Both the brown and black cushions have silver-grey stitching, which ensures durability and a fantastic look. The leather not only helps to improve aesthetic appeal and quality, but also makes sure that your race bike will never slip off the BikeDock.

Brown or Black?

The choice of colours is a new feature when buying a leather cushion. Whereas the BikeDock previously came with a leather cushion in a standard colour, we have now decided to give people the option of selecting the colour of their cushion.

You can now choose between a brown or black cushion. And for the vegans amongst us, the cushion is available in black or brown vegan leather.

Which colour will you choose?

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