Don’t Lean, Hang!

 The Original Artivelo BikeDock Loft Black 

The BikeDock Loft Black race bike hanging system by Artivelo is an advanced and beautifully designed hanging system for hanging your race bike with style. The possibilities are endless; you can hang it in your living room like a work of art, or in your hallway, so you’re always ready to hit the road. Besides looking great, it is also very practical. It has ample storage possibilities, features a leather cushion that offers your bike a safe and stable resting place, and can be easily mounted on the wall.

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Easy montage Truly horizontalSpace for all accessories Suitable for all frames Quick shipping

Space for all accessories

The BikeDock Loft Black not only allows you to stylishly hang your race bike, but also offers you enough space for your bike accessories. Two adjustable shelves and three separate hooks have been incorporated into the bike hanging system. This means you can store your helmet, cycling shoes, cycling glasses and a few CO2 cartridges in one place. Finally, there is a separate place to store your bike computer. If your BikeDock Loft Black is empty when you leave home, you will know that you have not forgotten anything. The bike dock keeps all your accessories nicely in one place, so things will never look messy, no matter in which room you hang your race bike.

Leather cushion

To make sure that the paint on your bike is not damaged and your bike always hangs horizontally, the inside of the BikeDock Loft Black features a brown or black leather cushion. This cushion has been filled with sustainable foam and moulds itself around the top tube of your race bike. This means the hanging system is suitable for all frames, and every type of frame will hang vertically. Once your bike is removed, the cushion will return to its original shape – each and every time.

 Truly horizontal

Thanks to its design and the leather cushion, the hanging system makes sure that your race bike will always be stable and horizontal when it hangs. Every type of race bike frame will be stable and horizontal when hung in this hanging system.

The Original BikeDock

Unlike other hanging systems, this one is made from a single piece of metal, which means it is both strong and easy to mount. The system has four attachment points, through which screws must be inserted. Because it has four attachment points and is made of a single piece of metal, it has a bearing capacity of 15kg. If you want to make a few modifications to certain parts of your bike, you can simply hang it up and get started immediately. The pedals are able to move freely, which means gears can be configured or small pieces of dirt can be removed from the chain, cassette or crankset.


√  3 mm thick steel. √ Black powder-coated paint. √ Two adjustable shelves. Variable layout. √ Three separate hooks for hanging accessories. Variable layout. √ Multi-purpose leather foam-filled cushion moulds itself around all types of frames (sloping, oversized, etc.). √  Choice between black or brown leather cushion √ Holder for bike computer. √ Free delivery to over 30 countries worldwide. √ Maximum handlebar width 65 cm. √ Easy to mount, including assembly materials. √ Bearing capacity 15 kg. √ Dispatched within 1 day.

More Lofts 

Besides the Black version, the Loft is also available in the following colours:

Loft – Grey Loft – Celeste Loft – Koper Loft – Tour de France Loft – Rosa



A Smaller one; BikeDock Urban

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