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racing bike hangingsystem in the color yellow

Wall Mount for Cervelo Olympic Edition

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There was the problem that there was barely room to store his racing bike practically. In the living room he saw no possibility of hanging it on the wall as a piece of art, now this beautyfull racing bike is hanging in the hallway/corridor. People who visit this place will directly confront with this racingbike hanging as a art piece. 

With the Artivelo BikeDock Tour the France (racing bike hangingsystem in the color yellow) we found a solution for his space problem and boring white walls. And besides the visual aspect this hangingsystem is a very practical way to hang your racing bike. Not only will be de BikeDock a stabel hangingsystem, he can also store all his necessities for his cycling trips together in the BikeDock.

The yellow colors on his bike perfectly fit with the yellow color of the Tour de France hangingsystem.

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