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Grooming for cyclists: Cyclist shaves his legs with shaving foam

Grooming for cyclists

Anyone with a slight interest in cycling will have at least heard of it. And it will be second nature for die- hard cyclists. ‘Grooming’. The Cambridge English Dictionary defines it as ‘things that you do to make your appearance neat and clean’.

But what does it mean in reality? That’s simple; everything that makes you look good and presentable when you are on your road bike. So besides a shiny and well maintained bike, it also means paying attention to other things. For example, your cycling kit, helmet, sunglasses, cycling shoes, cycling socks and the age-old cycling debate about whether or not your legs should be shaved as smoothly as the sides of your 25 mm gumwall tyres?

As far as we are concerned, the choice is – of course – all yours. If you can deal with the slight embarrassment and weird looks, then it feels much better to have shaved legs, certainly when you’re being massaged or when you’ve unexpectedly taken a tumble.

Why the embarrassment? Because of the strange, puzzled looks you get when you walk around in shorts, or when your partner starts complaining about prickly your legs when you are in bed.

Grooming for cyclists: cyclist shaves his legs without shaving foam

Shaving your legs can be a doddle if you make it part of your daily shower ritual. One leg at a time, muscles tensed and skin taut, and preferably with shaving foam, a very sharp razor and a slow and secure shaving movement from the ankle up, against the grain of your hair.

Depending on how hairy your legs are, the first shave will be the most challenging. After that, it is
quick and easy to keep your legs nice and smooth; it will take maximum one minute each time. Once you have showered and dried yourself, moisturise your legs with oil or lotion; something greasy that is quickly absorbed by the skin. This will prevent your smooth, well-groomed legs from looking dry and sore.

We at Artivelo are curious. Which cyclist are you on the road bike?

Text: Chucknance
Photo: Stephan Tellier Photography

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