The bike dock system for the real bicycle enthusiasts!

The BikeDock is the bicycle storage solution for your bike, neatly organised, and always ready for use! Whether you want to hang a racing bike or mountain bike on the wall, the Artivelo BikeDock is the suitable bicycle storage system!

✔ The BikeDock is made of strong steel, powder coated, up to 15 kg!
✔ The BikeDock is available in many variants, do you choose the classic Urban Gray or the striking Loft Rosa?

Durable, robust, and available in various designs.

The bicycle storage system you were looking for! Choose the exclusive BikeDock Loft Copper or the industrial BikeDock Urban Black. Your bike as wall art! The BikeDock is equipped with a luxurious leather cushion. Developed to store all bicycle accessories, in one place, always 100% organized!

100% organised

Artivelo BikeDock. A new dimension. Your bicycle hung securely, with all the stuff you need when you go cycling. In a strong bracket. Your bike gets a new dimension with Artivelo BikeDock.

For every type of bike

Finally. Your bike and everything you use during cycling in one convenient place. Artivelo BikeDock. Your helmet, shoes, spare tire, bicycle pump, bicycle computer, bottles … The hooks and shelves on the bike wall mounts where you like to create your own layout. Save time perhaps for some extra mileage.

Your bike as wall art!

Strong 3 mm thick steel, coated with lacquer which is powder coated. The brackets and the shelves adapt to your needs. The BikeDock is mounted by 4 bolts in the wall and can carry a lot more than a bicycle. Inside of the BikeDock, where you hang your bike, is fitted with a leather pad with durable foam.

Durable and indestructible

Road bike, fixie. Even bicycles with sloping frame .. Artivelo BikeDock ikis suitable for any type of bicycle. The top tube of the bicycle frame rests in the BikeDock on a leather-covered foam cushion. That foam cushion is multi-purpose and adapts to any frame.

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