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Your bike is in good company with the Artivelo BikeDock Tour de France. You might not ever get a stage win, but one thing is for sure, your bike will always have center stage with Artivelo BikeDock Tour de France. With the Tour starting in Utrecht, a Dutch city, Artivelo (a Dutch based company) were inspired to create a limited edition BikeDock that utilizes the iconic yellow jersey color. To top it off, they chose a black leather foam pad, which nicely conforms to all types of road bikes highlighted by yellow stitching. The BikeDock design is true to dutch minimal design that we have come to admire, yet still has multiple removable shelves/loose hooks that adapt to your needs. Made from 3mm lacquered powder coated steel, it is easily mounted to the wall with 4 bolts allowing it to carry up to 20kg. If the tour podium is out of reach, the Artivelo BikeDock Tour de France is the next best thing.

Available in black or yellow order yours via Artivelo’s online store.

Good Company Artivelo BikeDock
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