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Create the perfect bike trainer set-up when using programmes like Zwift in your pain cave. With the cycling season just around the corner, it is time to take your training to the next level. However, it is dark and wet outside. Cycling indoors is an excellent alternative, certainly if you want to use programmes like famous bike trainer programs like Zwift, Bkool, Rouvy or RGT Cycling. This means that, instead of staring at a blank wall, you can explore a whole new world of races, joint training sessions and fun bike rides. This set-up will help you to get through the winter.

7 tips for the perfect biker trainer set-up in your pain cave

The bike trainer

Your bike trainer will determine whether you enjoy your indoor bike rides during the winter. You have various brands and types to choose from. Tacx, Wahoo, Elite and Saris are the main suppliers and all offer various models. However, if you want to use a programme like Zwift, you must also have a smart trainer. This can be connected to a computer via bluetooth or ANT+.

bike trainer

There are three types of trainers: wheel-on, direct drive and smart bike. With the first one, your rear wheel rotates on a roller. With a direct drive, you have to remove the rear wheel from your bike so that you power a flywheel directly on the trainer. This means slipping is no longer possible. With a smart bike, the bike and trainer already form an integrated unit, so there is no need to place your race bike on the trainer. A wheel-on model costs around 300 euros; a direct drive between 500 and 1500 euros; and a smart bike around 3000 euros. But do not only look at the price when buying a trainer. A more expensive trainer will offer you a more realistic cycling experience, which means you will genuinely enjoy your rides on, for example, Zwift. They are also quieter, which means you can train once your children have gone to bed. And by spending that little bit more, you can also make equipment-related savings (tyres, bike, etc.).

A stand

Naturally, you can build a pain cave where your trainer is connected to a large screen. But not everyone has the budget to do so. It is a lot cheaper to use a tablet or computer. A special stand allows you to keep these devices within reaching distance.

bike stand hometrainer

A fan

It can be warm inside, so a fan is essential. You can buy a fan that connects to your trainer, although a separate fan also does the job perfectly. But be careful when choosing: larger does not always mean better.

a fan home trainer bike

Trainer mat

A trainer mat absorbs noise produce during training, but also helps to collect sweat before it disappears into your floor covering.

bike trainer home mat

Sweat collector

Sweat contains salt and salt is bad for your bike. A sweat collector can be stretched over your bike; it will then collect the sweat and protect your bike from corrosion and other issues.

sweat collector hometrainer biketrainer


This luxury accessory raises or lowers the front of your bike in accordance with the elevation percentage on Zwift. This makes your training more realistic and gives you the opportunity to training specific muscles. Although not essential, it can be fun.

riser bike trainer home

Artivelo Bikedock

Our Artivelo Bikedock allows you to neatly store your race bike, helmet and shoes if you need to temporarily disassemble your trainer. It helps to turn your bike into a work of art, so it can be given pride of place in your pain cave. You can then go for a nice outdoor bike ride in the spring and summer, but with supercharged legs after using your bike trainer on those cold winter days.

bike trainer home

The trainer and accessories allow you to build the ideal bike trainer for your pain cave. And because everything is ready to use, your training rides will become more enticing. You can also hang a few inspirational posters nearby or install a large mirror so that you can admire your own riding position.

Then all you have to do is ride!

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