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Artivelo is launched the BikeDock in a very special Tour de France edition.
The BikeDock is an advanced and beautifully designed wall mounting bracket to store your bicycle. To celebrate the start of the Tour de France 2015 in the Dutch city of Utrecht, the BikeDock special ‘Limited Edition’ is marketed in the color yellow. To ensure that your bike is protected, the BikeDock is fitted with a black leather cushion which molds to any road bike. The yellow stitching is just one of the many details that is featured in the Artivelo BikeDock.

The BikeDock is designed with an eye for quality and simplicity and produced from high quality steel. This stylish and compact wall mounting system allows you to hang your bike and storage your accessories elegantly on your wall. The two removable shelves and three loose hooks adapt to your needs, with complete freedom in arranging your bike shoes, helmet, goggles, etc. To storage your bike computer, the wall mount includes a special holder at the top.

The Artivelo BikeDock Tour de France is available in limited edition.

Artivelo Bikedock Tour de France Detail





Artivelo Bikedock Tour de France close

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