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Zoombike designed by Richard Sapper

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Richard Sapper’s design ‘the Zoombike’ for Elettromontaggi.

The Zoombike by Richard Sapper was conceived as a vehicle with the same geometric proportions of a normal bicycle. These are able to fold easily, quickly and fold out like an umbrella through a press-button system. This grants optimal convenience for urban transportation, whether on the road, in a metro, tram or bus, in the trunk of a car, or in other confined spaces such as elevators. You can store the zoombike in almost any wardrobe or cabinet or you can even hang it on a coat hook in a small apartment. The bike is made of aluminum, has three gears and weighs only 10 kilograms. A lighter magnesium version is being developed.

The disc wheels allow very low air resistance, resulting in excellent mechanical efficiency. Despite the smaller diameter of the wheels, the gear ratios are almost the same as those of a normal road bike.
Because the design is based on aircraft technology, instead of traditional bicycle mechanics, these characteristics can be achieved.

Richard Sapper

One of the most successful designers in the world is undoubtedly Richard Sapper. Richard sapper has a big influence on Italian design in recent years. Sappers products are accurate, functional, innovative and very complex. One of his main characteristics is “giving meaning to form”, a goal that he often achieves with overwhelming success. According to Ettore Sottsass, Sapper has never produced a bad design.

Source: richardsapper.com

Now available BikeDock for Pre-order by dealer or Online store

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De BikeDock is vanaf nu te bestellen bij de dealer of Online store.
Vanaf 31 januari zullen de eerste BikeDock bestellingen uitgeleverd worden! De uitlevering van de bestellingen gebeurt op basis van volgorde van reservering. Bestel snel! Zo bent u één van de eersten die uw fiets aan de muur heeft hangen met dit handige ophangsysteem.

Wij zullen u per e-mail op de hoogte houden van leveringen en de status van uw bestelling.

Now BikeDock available for Pre-order via dealer of online.

Now available BikeDock for Pre-order by dealer or Online store

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