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bike wall mount horizontal

You do a lot of kilometres every week. Alone or with your cycling buddies. Perhaps you even race in a peloton. Either way, you cannot manage without your bike. Cycling is a necessity and passion for you. It takes you to some beautiful places, gives you an unbelievable sense of freedom, and keeps you fit. Bike racing is a way of life.

Cycling as a lifestyle

Your road bike is an essential part of your life. Cycling is a lifestyle for you. Your race bike is your pride and joy. You want to show it off; you want it close by; and you want to enjoy it. You want to store it off the floor, and definitely don’t want it standing against the wall. You don’t want to leave it alone in the garage. But want in the entrance hall of your home, in the office, paincave or in your living room. The Artivelo BikeDock is compatible with all types of interiors and gives your bike a stylish and stable place on any type of wall. Your most prized possession as a work of art anywhere in your home.

“The Artivelo BikeDock is truly different”

Bike wall mount horizontal

The accompanying mounting fixtures make it possible to quickly and safely hang the BikeDock on your wall.
The accompanying leather cushion is filled with durable foam and truly distinguishes the BikeDock from other hanging systems. The cushion will mould itself around your frame, each and every time. Because the frame rests on the cushion, your road bike or gravel bike will always be horizontal and stable. This is what makes the Artivelo BikeDock so unique. Whether the frame of your bike is made of steel or carbon; and whether it is large, small, oversized or sloping – it makes no difference. Every bike deserves an Artivelo BikeDock. Show who you truly are with this hanging system for any type of race bike.

Hanging system for any type of race bike

Your race bike, which is your pride and joy, will always be stable and horizontal in the Artivelo BikeDock. The cushion gives your race bike a comfortable and stable place to rest, because the BikeDock’s solid-foam filling moulds itself around any type of frame. Every time you hang your bike, the foam will adapt to the type of frame that it detects. Whether you’ve got a time trial bike, cyclo-cross bike, endurance bike, mountain bike, sports bike, fat bike, gravel bike, aero race bike or a performance and endurance race bike, the hanging system is compatible with all bikes under 15kg. You can hang your race bike in two styles – the Urban and the Loft. What is the difference? 


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