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Cycling Hotel Villavélo is officially opened by Eddy Hijum and pro cyclist Tom Veelers.

Villavélo is a initiative by Gaby and Herman Oude Brunink and former athlete Maarten Nijland. They created an unique concept, to connect sports with Twentse (Dutch region) hospitality. Maarten Nijland has a company called BikeChallenge. Gaby and Herman have had the hotel “Twents Gastenhoes” for several years.Villavélo is situated next to the hotel and has al the ingredients to become a successful bike hotel.
Artivelo BikeDock Loft Cyclingcafe villavélo fiets ophangsysteem racefiets ophangen muur fiets ophangsysteem muur Bike Wall Mount bike storage bike hanger Bike Storage Wall bracket Bike Rack bike shelf Road bike hang wall
The building has several apartment’s and a swimming pool. Is perfectly fit for the cycling hotel. Maarten Nijland showed his respect towards Gaby and Herman while giving his speech. He told them that he´s proud of them working together and that he´s happy with the additional help of Tom Veelers. Tom wants to present himself as a ambassador of the bike hotel. Deputy Eddy Hijum gave them all his compliments.
Villavélo is not only a cylcing hotel for cyclists, ther are many more activities!
Clinics, workshops regarding exercise and nutrition privodide necesarry challenges.
Cafévélo invites you to come in and have a chat with us over a cup of coffee. Team 
Artivelo are happy that our BikeDoock´s have made their way to the hotel´s interior!

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