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Artivelo guides team Orica GreenEDGE prior to the start of the 2016 Giro d’Italia.

Artivelo guides the Australian worldtour team the days before the start to do Some training around the Veluwe aria.

Orica GreenEDGE starts the Giro d’Italia friday 6th of may with two lead cyclists. Caleb Ewan is aiming for sprint succes while Esteban Chaves makes a run at the general classification standings. Spanish team members Ruben (Plaza) and Esteban (Txurruka) will play an important rol for Esteban Chaves during the mountain stages. Damien Howson should be able to keep up during the mountain stages while Sam Bewley and Svein Tuft make their contributions on the flat stages. Luka Mezgec en Michael Hepburn form the sprinting train together with Caleb Ewan. Spirits were good as always, you can het an impression from the photos.
Artivelo guides Orica-GreenEdge_16.jpg
Artivelo guides Orica-GreenEdge_4
Artivelo guides Orica-GreenEdge_5
Artivelo guides Orica-GreenEdge_7
Artivelo guides Orica-GreenEdge_9
Artivelo guides Orica-GreenEdge_14
Artivelo guides Orica-GreenEdge_19
Artivelo guides Orica-GreenEdge_20.jpg
Artivelo guides Orica-GreenEdge_22.jpg
Artivelo guides Orica-GreenEdge_23.jpg
Artivelo guides Orica-GreenEdge_32
Artivelo guides Orica-GreenEdge_31
Artivelo guides Orica-GreenEdge_30
Artivelo guides Orica-GreenEdge_29

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