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Cycling Teams UWTC De Volharding were introduced to the press last friday.

Last friday in the Postillion in Bunnik there was a presentation of different cycling teams of UWTC De Volharding under great public interest. The hall in the Postillion was filled with family, friends, sponsors, media and other interested parties. The turnout was fantastic again this year. It is extraordinary to see how the team lives in the Netherlands. Not only did the riders and staff look back at a very succefull 2015, they also looked at the season ahead of them. The photographers were given plenty of time to capture the various Elite, Espoirs and Juniors, both as a team and individually. Edwin Driessen, who hosted  the evening, called  several team managers, riders and sponsors onto the stage. The rest of the evening was used to shine a light on the sponsors and their contributions. Wim Sluis presented the new cycling outfit to them. This year, 2Wielerspecialist Driebergen makes sure that the riders are equipped with Specialized bikes. The video of Toff gives you an impression of the fantastic evening.

Sponsors UWTC de Volharding:
Specialized, Wilton Meat, 2Wielerspecialist DriebergenArtiveloToffDuursportDiftarHornbachWielerschool.nuHitachi PowertoolsDorenbosMultipaint, Bast, 36Cycling, Vink Meat, Nico Sluis Meat, van Zijl Fuel.

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