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What’s the Difference

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difference urban loft

We have known about the Artivelo BikeDock for a few years: a metal wall bracket that allows you to give your race bike a nice place in your home. This Dutch product is so successful because of its design and special looks.

When you want to go cycling, you want all your equipment – like your helmet, sunglasses, shoes and computer – close to hand so you do not have to search for it. The BikeDock is an innovative and stylish object because it is able to combine stylish presentation with effective storage. That is why it has become so popular among professional and recreational cyclists throughout the world. It features four screw positions for solid wall attachment, is made using three-millimetre sheet metal, features hard powder-coating and is effectively packaged. Artivelo has developed two versions so you can store more accessories together with your race bike. Like many people before you, which one will you choose?

Stylish in Urban or Loft?

difference urban loft

The stylish URBAN is 28.5 centimetres wide, which means it is ideal for all spaces, and features two hooks and a shelf for hanging your accessories. The Urban is available in aluminium grey and matt black. The leather (foam) cushion that supports your bike is available in black or brown.

In contrast, the LOFT is 45 centimetres wide, has three hanging hooks and two shelves, which offers more storage space and enables more flexible use. Besides aluminium grey and matt black, the Loft is also available in trendy colours like yellow, pink, celeste (green-blue) and copper. The leather (foam) cushion is available in black or brown.

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However, a ‘vegan’ cushion is also available as an option, for people who want to completely avoid animal products. The Loft is available in any colour if at least 5 units are purchased. And if you want to ‘pimp’ your BikeDock, it is also possible to have it wrapped in various cool designs.

The Loft and Urban BikeDocks are available via dealers or online and can be shipped worldwide.

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