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Winners Artivelo Tour de France Quiz 2016

The Winners of the jerseys are in! During the Tour de France, our fans have been able to participate in the Artivelo Tour de France quiz on our website and social media.

For each of the jerseys, Artivelo made a special BikeDock.

 There were a lot of contestants. Many of them came up with the correct answers. Below you find our winners and the correct answers :
Yellow Artivelo BikeDock Loft – Jos Defacer
White Artivelo BikeDock Loft – Isabelle Otte
Green Artivelo BikeDock Loft – Nathan Warkentin
Polka Dot Artivelo BikeDock Loft – Jean pierre dejonckheere
Prizewinners have been informed
The correct answers are :

Yellow Jersey – Christopher Froome
White Jersey – Adam Yates
Green Jersey – Peter Sagan
Polka Dot Jersey – Rafal Majka



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