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Legs of Amsterdam

Legs of Amsterdam Portrait of Amsterdam’s most authentic bicycle repairmen. In the fast-paced rhythm of everyday Amsterdam, Frans van der…

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Crafted BikeDock by Artivelo

Crafted by Artivelo, made with care and passion. Presented with the sort of pride that befits a marvelously well-made item. Strong 3…

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Emma Pooley’s Cervelo

Emma Pooley is an English former professional cyclist who specialised in time trials and hilly races, and is now a professional…

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Durability Made in Holland

Durability Made in Holland. Artivelo BikeDocks are manufactured from 3mm steel. This characteristic material opens up a fascinating variety of shapes,…

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Herken je dat?

Herken je dat? Herken je dat? Je hebt afgesproken met je vrienden om een mooie tocht te gaan rijden of…

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