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Holidays are coming

The holidays are coming and the production are already in full swing at Artivelo. The coming months will be for…

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簡單實用的單車固定座。 心愛的單車又點可以隨處亂放,由Artivelo BikeDock 推新出的單車固定座,外觀非常簡單的設計,但能承載45磅也沒有問題。 Artivelo BikeDock擁有幾個可拆卸鉤子並且可以根據用戶的需要和喜好來配置的貨架上。 版權所有,如轉載本文必須註明本網站及作者,多謝合作。 來源:

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Promo Giro d’ Italia 2016

The official promo of the next Giro d’Italia, the 99th edition. Three time trials, including one mountain stage. Six likely…

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Legs of Amsterdam

Legs of Amsterdam Portrait of Amsterdam’s most authentic bicycle repairmen. In the fast-paced rhythm of everyday Amsterdam, Frans van der…

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Crafted BikeDock by Artivelo

Crafted by Artivelo, made with care and passion. Presented with the sort of pride that befits a marvelously well-made item. Strong 3…

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Emma Pooley’s Cervelo

Emma Pooley is an English former professional cyclist who specialised in time trials and hilly races, and is now a professional…

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